Safari Dental has developed and manufactures a complete line of dental equipment that is truly portable. We have developed our products by being attentive to the needs of our targeted users and we concentrate our effort to meet the highest standards of the industry. Our products will surpass your expectations. You will notice the difference the moment you start working with them. This state of the art portable dental equipment is not only compact and light, but also easy to set-up, affordable, silent and truly portable.


As a graduate in 1974 and still in practice, I have had and still have the opportunity to be in contact with thousands of fellow colleagues. I have listened to their needs and sorrows, as a consequence I decided to venture into the founding of a portable dental company in 1994.

To this date along with a team of key players, we have researched, designed and proudly created a complete line of portable dental equipment that I believe as others have found to be light, compact, sturdy, powerful and ergonomic to the endures. If what you are searching for, matches all the above, then you have come to the right place. We are always open to suggestions and would be pleased to help you with our expertise.

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